This place is great! They were so accommodating and gracious. They were even able to see my best buddy on a Friday afternoon (after 5 pm) with less than 30 minutes notice!!! That’s unheard of!

I will DEFINITELY be using them going forward as my primary vet for my chocolate lab “Bachelor” aka my best friend. Thank you very much for your great treatment of my baby boy, and your consideration and respect for both your time and mine. Job well done!

Brian Hopkins

I cannot fully express how happy I am with making the decision of taking my puppy here! Doctor is so amazing and genuinely passionate, gives the most thorough advice and options, and explains everything in extensive depth. I learned so much and feel so confident my puppy is in great hands! The environment was so clean, so professional, and the ladies in the front were truly amazing! Thank you doctor Jordan!

Lisa Soto

We had to call on a Sunday morning because our cat had an emergency. They were really nice over the phone and they accommodated us as quickly as possible. The clinic is very easy to find and they explain to you where you can easily park. We got there and they were even nicer than over the phone. They took very good care of our cat. Doctor Weinger and his assistant were the sweetest but they also made sure that they performed every single test they could to see what she was suffering from. Once we left, we kept in contact through email because they really cared on how she was doing and they also called us.

I finally found a place and a Doctor I can trust after over a year of visiting different places. I am really thankful for this team.

Our pets are part of our family so it’s really nice to find someone who treats them like this. Thank you Wags Animal Hospital!

Patricia Cabrera

I would give 10 out of 5 stars if I could. The office has been taking care of my grand pup since they opened. My dog loves the office and everyone there. Dr. Weinger will get down on the floor to make the patients feel comfortable and during a recent health crisis, he helped us navigate the complexity of care with different specialists. They love their animals and it shows with how excited the pups are when they stop and visit.

I highly encourage any pet parent in Brickell to try them out.

JoAnn Griffith

I strongly recommend Wags Animal Hospital for your loved ones!

Wags Animal Hospital is a godsend. Dr. Weinger is an incredibly caring human being in addition to being a great veterinarian. He has treated both my dog and cat.

The environment is professional as well as family-like. So much so that I stop by, on occasion, while walking my dog, Bucky, to say hello and have coffee.

Michael Cohan

Our dog Lolla had a disease with her immune system and since we live in Brickell Key, we went to this veterinarian. They were extremely helpful and are still helping us to get our dog better. They are really good and very practical. The environment is amazing and the people are great!!!!!! rate 6/5 stars!

Thiago Amarante

Amazing new veterinary clinic in Brickell Key. Exceptional and friendly staff members who were very kind and informative about everything! Definitely coming back! Thank you!

Paolina Kafati

My experience at Wags Animal Hospital was outstanding! Staff treated me with kindness and compassion while providing me with necessary insight to help my dog’s needs. Their office was clean, spotless, and services were affordable. 5-star experience all the way.

Keri Sturm

Excellent vet! Love the service and beautiful facilities!

Bradley Cooper

I took my 11-month-old pup Brody to Dr. Jordan Weinger for a checkup. The hospital is beautiful, clean, and decorated so nicely. The minute I walked in the door the staff was so friendly and accommodating. Brody was comfortable the whole time and Dr. Weinger is very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend taking your pet to Wags Animal Hospital. I will definitely be coming back!

Madalin Gross

Very professional and caring – my cat has cancer and needed special treatment, Dr. Eizenberg immediately assisted while refusing to be paid as he sees helping my cat is a mission and humane act. Heartwarming doctor – highly recommended!

Ilan Orly

They took care my Baby Coco! I really like the doctor and the place! Thank you, Dr. Jordan Weinger.

Flavia Wendel

The BEST animal care and hospital in the Brickell area !! Dr. Weinger and his staff are loving, knowledgeable and truly care. My Marly was so happy and relaxed after her dental procedure. Excellent service!

Mary Brisbane

I was referred to this hospital from a friend for my dog. I couldn’t have been happier with the service my teacup poodle got from Dr. Weinger. His staff was smiling from the time we walked in to the time we left. I ran some errands and left my dog, they even kept me updated on how my dog was doing. I would highly recommend this place to everyone. I won’t be going anywhere else after meeting them.

Adam Klein

Clean, ample, speedy, and driven by care and service not bills. Definitely a keeper for Franco.

Ricardo Otaola

Had my first visit today with Dr. Weinger and Dr. Eizenberg! Amazing kitty visit! What a great addition to our Brickell Key community! They truly love animals and their staff was wonderful as well!

Stayc Rt

Amazing! We’ve been looking for a great veterinarian in Brickell and he is truly amazing. Extremely attentive and passionate about what he does. Beautiful office and great prices for Brickell. Everything else is overpriced but he is very reasonable with his prices.

Highly recommended!

Sebastian E.

Like most pet owner, I take the choice of my vet very seriously.

I’m glad I chose to come to Wags. The clinic is spotless, beautifully decorated and very thoughtful. They have a feline room, with feline pheromones, to help reduce stress levels on cats. How thoughtful!

My kitty was happy during our first visit. She didn’t seem at all stressed.

We will be back soon for her vaccination boosters and a teeth cleaning 🙂

Kia Catherine A.

I was waiting forever for a great vet in Brickell! Clean facility, very friendly staff, and centrally located on Brickell Key. Dr. Weinger is the best. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. Even though it was my dog’s first time with him, she was very relaxed and trusted him. He has a kind, warm personality.

Brian F.

If you are looking for an awesome veterinarian, look no further. All too often vets have too much of a “business” mentality (every pet owner knows what I am talking about). This can be frustrating when you have a high maintenance pet with a lot of health issues- as I do! However, this could not be farther from the truth for Dr. Weinger. He is passionate about his work, and it shows. I have yet to come across a more attentive and involved vet, whose chief-most concern is the health of your pet. So happy we found him!

Krystina T.

Great facilities and beautiful space. Needed to have our Daisy attended to immediately and they were so accommodating. Called and spoke to Meli at 1030a and was seen at 1120a even though they said they were booked for the day. The minute I spoke with Meli she was so understanding and easy to speak to. Very professional. Met with Dr. Weinger and he was very patient and thorough in his explanations. He answered all our questions regarding the diagnosis of our poor lil girl. They did tests on her immediately to see what was going on and luckily didn’t find anything major. The doctor wanted to do another test that required her urine sample so they let us hang around and see if Daisy would go to the bathroom. They chose to do it this way because Daisy was getting stressed out from the other tests. Very thoughtful of them! We weren’t able to get her to go #1, so they suggested we get the sample in the morning and return with it while it was still fresh. All in all, very positive experience! Nice space, professional, attentive, caring doctor and staff. Kudos. We’ll be back.

Edward L.

I do not know where to start, I’m so happy to have an actual vet hospital in Brickell. It is so difficult to find a great veterinarian in Miami and it is a pleasure to come here. The staff and doctor are incredible and extremely attentive. They automatically ask if we want a drink of water and if we need anything. Very conscious of our time also since it’s not always great being stuck at the vet.
Overall, we’re so happy to have such a great place in Brickell.

Miles E.

My experience with Wags was very very good. I own a 7-year-old female Golden Retriever and she had not been to the vet for a good while. I had restrained myself from taking her because almost all the vets that I had seen before tried burning through my wallet just giving me pills and not really addressing and following up with the problems. Wags has been opposite to all that. The staff follows up with you to confirm that your pet is doing well and the vet is super knowledgeable about what your pet needs. Lastly, pricing was good and my dog Nalah looks healthier than ever after her visit to Wags.

Tyrone S.

I beyond highly recommend Wags animal hospital! My dog got into dark chocolate and I was panicked and they immediately took him in, I was so freaked out that I couldn’t find where they were and both the veterinarian and the nurse came out to take my dog so that I could go park. They treated my dog as if it was one of their own. Even worse, I had to get on a flight that evening so I could only stay with my dog a few hours and they brought me pillows and water and, instead of putting him in a cage, took care of him at reception until my friend was able to pick him up. I am beyond grateful and will switch vets and go to Wags Animal Hospital now!

Diana S.

Today was my first visit! Our dog, Moose, loved everybody in the office! The doctor is kind, loving, friendly and helpful! I am so glad to know my dog will be treated with so much love! Thank you to the staff for welcoming my Moose the way you did!

Este lugar es fenomenal! El doctor es excelente y las dos asistentes también son muy especiales! Our dog, Moose, se sintió muy bien y estuvo muy calmado!

Great place

Ana Maria Czachor

Awesome service. Dr Jordan is very knowledgeable really cares about my Coco. Highly recommended.

Nadege Henry

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