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Keep your pet peppy and playful! Vaccinations and parasite prevention can ward off everything from pesky ticks and fleas to unwelcome parasites, keeping your furry friends healthy and happy to explore the world around them.

Why Does My Pet Need Parasite Prevention?

As humans, we tend to only think of parasites when it comes to food in a foreign country. However, your cats and dogs have a very different experience from us. Among others, our pets are susceptible to several zoonotic parasites, meaning humans are at risk of catching them. Heartworms and intestinal parasites are very common but easily prevented with proper treatment.

What are Intestinal Parasites?

We can’t watch our pets 24/7. So, it can be tricky to see if they get into something they shouldn’t. That can lead to intestinal parasites, including hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and more. However, routine testing and preventative measures can – and should – be taken.

What is Heartworm Disease?

A huge concern when it comes to your pets is heartworm disease. Heartworms claim a spot in the heart and lungs of an infected animal. It’s transmitted by mosquitoes, and unfortunately, can be deadly. There are several preventatives on the market though, and our veterinarian can help you decide which is best for your pet.

Does My Pet Have Parasites?

One of the hardest things about being a pet parent is that they can’t speak for themselves. If your pet is showing signs of parasites, it may include vomiting, diarrhea, lack of eating, loss of energy, and weight loss.

Give your pet the best life possible with preventative care! At Wags Animal Hospital, we are here to guide you through the parasite prevention options available. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment for your furry friend!

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